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Alex Earlswood

The Beating is an original work of fiction that examines  the relationship between a mother Estelle and her daughter Carey as they come to terms with an horrific event 20 years earlier, when Estelle was convicted of murdering her husband even though 12 year old Carey committed the crime in a drug fuelled rage. The novel looks at domestic violence from the view point of the woman (Carey) as the aggressor, as Carey’s world spirals out of control and her problems implode she tries to deal with her many  issues in the only way she knows how; violence. Carey is pregnant with her third baby (not her husbands but her younger lover who is best friends with her brother), she tries to break away from her lover but he becomes obsessed and starts stalking her while she tries to avoid contact her mother Estelle who has been released from prison. When Carey is abducted her family fear the worst and it is her mother who once again comes to her rescue saving her and her brother from the lover gone rogue. Carey confesses to her mild mannered husband and he reacts in a fit of rage leading to yet another tragedy and suddenly Carey finds herself remembering the events of 20 years earlier and the huge sacrifice that Estelle made all those years ago, as only a mother can.



The Urban Sea is an original work of fiction that sits within the crime genre. The book is based on a small number of characters who unwittingly and reluctantly become involved in a local Organised Crime Group (OCG) operating in a sleepy West Country seaside town of Hyde. The main protagonist Bobbi a 52 year old a respected head mistress, wife, pillar of the community and seasoned money launderer fighting to save her career, home, marriage and ultimately her life as it soon becomes clear that the OCG, who are selling the legal high “Meow Meow” (aka mephedrone) around the UK, have corrupted all of the people in power in Hyde. But Bobbi holds a dark secret, when she was 20 and at university she got pregnant with her professor’s child, although she had the child she gave him away for adoption. When she tried in her 30’s to have a child with her husband she found out she was now infertile.  A man known as “The Roman” (later discovered to be her adopted son hell bent on revenge for her abandoning him), who by day is a CEO in London at a Wealth management bank, is in control and wields the power of the OCG and wants to destroy Bobbi. But can Bobbi find a way to save herself, her career and her husband before she is dragged underground by those who care only about her usefulness for making dirty money clean.


Penny Hanslope is approaching 50 and very comfortable with her life, she has two beautiful and talented teenage children currently doing their A levels at the local college in the sleepy Surrey town of Homely. She has been married for 30 years to the love of her life Stafford and he has always provided for their family by working in London in investment banking, when he suddenly loses his job in 2008 with the recession and a free falling stock market; Penny’s world falls apart. Stafford has plunged the family into huge amounts of debt due to his unknown gambling addiction, Penny thinks on her feet and takes in a lodger to raise money. When Jack Carter suddenly walks into the Hanslope’s life as their new lodger, in his late 20’s he charms them all and suddenly Penny’s miserable teenage children start focusing on their studies, her husband starts to rouse out of his deep depression and Penny, well Penny starts to feel all sorts of thing for Jack, things she hasn't felt stirring for a man in a long time. But all is not as it seems with Jack and the handsome polite stranger who becomes the Hanslope’s best family friend and in some cases lover, has a bigger game in play but will Penny find out before it is too late and Jack has taken all of what she holds dear including her beloved family home in Limes Avenue.


Simon Tinkler is on the verge of a mid life crisis, 39 and with two hateful children who treat him with no respect and a wife who is clinically obese and abusive and hasn’t left her bed for over a year due to her 30 stone frame. Simon also hates his job as a marketing manager, he hasn’t had sex in over 10 years and his marriage is held together by a piece of thread. One day he comes into work and there is a new Managing Director of Marketing, Robert Monroe or Bobby as he likes to be called, Simon remembers Bobby from school and all these years later Bobby has the perfect life, everything that Simon always wanted a successful career, beautiful wife and intelligent obedient children; but Bobby remembers Simon too the sad little awkward school kid who hasn’t done any better in the adult world. But Bobby has a dark side and lives a double life, walking a fine line between the law and the criminal world and he see’s potential in Simon to use and abuse him for his own ends. Before Simon realises he is living the kind of exciting and adventurous life he always dreamed of, but soon his life starts to spiral out of control and he is plunged into a darkened world of crime; and he realises that Bobby has used him. But is it too late to claim back his old life, wife and career.