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The Glass Balloon is an original work of fiction. It explores the depth of secrets and lies and what lengths people will go to bury their past and conceal their adventures that are too complicated and confusing to revisit. When Sally Parson is abducted after a night out in London and finds herself in a metal cage she knows it is as a direct result of  the lies she told back in 1997. Sally, Kevin and Adrian enjoyed a summer of frivolity at the age of 16 in 1997 in the sleepy Somerset town of Weston Super Mare, they drank cider, smoked pot and had sex with each other all summer long as they relaxed after their GCSE’s. When local school girl Cally-May Windsor is discovered murdered on the beach Sally sees an opportunity to enact revenge on the town pervert Mr A (Vernon Armitage) who attacked her the week before. Using her influence she persuades Kevin and Adrian to give witness statements to the police saying they saw Mr A dump Cally-May’s body and Mr A is convicted of Cally-May’s murder and sent away for fifteen years. When he is released a wealthy man fifteen years later in 2013 he moves to Cambodia and seeks about using a human trafficking gang to abduct the three of them one by one until he has them all with him so he can enact his revenge. But Adrian eludes capture and seeks to track down his friends and rescue them before Mr A can reach them, Adrian’s search takes him from London to Somerset and finally Scotland where he attempts to rescue his friends who are being held on a Scottish Island. All the while being pursued by Mr A’s kidnappers and the police who are convinced that Adrian is in some way responsible for his friend’s abduction. Adrian is a simple accountant who suddenly finds himself running for his life and his friends, and all because of the lies they told in court and the events of that wild summer of ’97.  This book is Part 1 of a trilogy, Part 2 is The Cracked Balloon and Part 3

“The Shattered Balloon”.

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Alex is a thirty seven year old award winning journalist (Dubai Day Press Conference) who has written for numerous national and global publications in the last fourteen years including The Platform, The Weekender, ARO, The RP, The Arabian Magazine and Finishline. He spent six years in law enforcement criminal investigation focusing on multi million pound money laundering and carousel fraud cases, and for the last seven years has been the Head of a Financial Crime Prevention Unit for an asset management company in London. Alex  also breeds Arabian horses for racing and endurance, and in addition to being a former race winning jockey; Alex now competes in endurance races at up to 100 km in a day.

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